Saturday, February 04, 2006

Snow Cone Bomb

The Snow Cone Bombers - Purveyors of mayhem

A mysterious mishap occoured in a front yard of a certain someones. A Snow Cone Exploded in the little remaining snow on the property. Incredibly it gave off the impression of a Volcano. There was a cardboard sign placed nearby warning of a Snow Cone Bomb. On the reverse was a hobo sign advertising work for booze (or food.) Apparently the bombers wanted the sign to be of use if someone other than the intended target were to stumble upon the sign. We secured this amature video as proof of the event.

The Snow Cone Bombers - Surveying the damage

Incredibly The Snow Cone Bombers return to observe the carnage.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Those bombers are CRAZY!
I can't believe those uncaring victims sacrificed their cute dog to the mercy of the bombers.
I have to say though, that is a pretty impressive snow pile.