Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Even the beer commercials were weak

I would not even rate this years commercials lukewarm as Bruce Lindsay reports the advertisers feel at the Ad Bowl event in this article. I found Budweiser's commercials to be the most entertaining, funny, and witty and even those seemed to be less so than past years.

I was disappointed to see rehashes of last years commercials and missed seeing many of the "inspiring" commercials (Dove's campaign was admirable but the commercial not inspiring) that seem to have their genesis at this time of year. Everything else was barely worthy of a Friends third season premiere re-run.

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Dan said...

Heh... I don't think a lot of the superbowl commercials they show are that funny anymore.. some of them are pretty good though. A lot of beer commercials. You can see a whole list of them here.